Imagine this,

Imagine that all the content on wikipedia was published into a single volume. Now imagine that volume was compressed to fit the back of my hand, is it not insane then that I know you like that?

That I know even the flapping sound your eyelids make each time you blink away the weight of my worth.

This is what your pain has made of me, a hurricane of feel too much and a hollow cave of not enough.

But no, I do not owe you my breath.

No longer will you be the podium my yesterday showcases the darkness of all her melancholy whilst today with all her sunshine is but a stage light.

I will not write for you anymore.

Ink your existence on the pages of a willing ear,

I will not love for you,

Hustle or give of myself to satisfy your bottomless belly.

I will not even leave for you, burn bridges or gasoline-fire-concrete shoulders for you.

You are shame & I am me, we two are not the same.

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