Wound the Silence

Sometimes we meet incredible humans who inspire us greatly, I wrote this a little over a year ago for such a person;

Write for us!

That our distorted images of self will be tales that only outlive our shadows.

Chronicle the flow of our river bodies swaying to the sound of freedom.

Write us more than caged birds

Free you must script us

Free to see the likeness of God in the brown of our eyes and the kink or curl of our hair.

Weep for us!

Well up and water the withering roots of our self-esteem

Fountain streams,

Where our beauty will bloom breaking the burden to rid ourselves of the brown in this skin.

Sing for us!

Melodies so rich they rapture the cysts of hatred growing in our bellies.

Speak for our children,

Whose worth has not yet known the purple of war,

whose love of self & other has not yet been tainted.

Write, Weep, Sing, Speak, ANYTHING!!.

Dare to wound the silence that has boasted of such gruesome fallacies.