I’m one of those people who google almost every reaction, to any situation, just to get a feel of whether the majority of people out there would react the same. From something as weird and insignificant as, “help I have one hair on my chin” (yes I’m a female secretly terrified of growing a beard) to something as maybe not as weird and slightly more important as, “what to look for in a local church”.

As insightful as articles may be, I find myself more intrigued by people’s experiences. Maybe because I see so much of my own life in the details of theirs or that there’s a personal and therefore relatable touch to them. Whatever the reason, there’s a revealing feature to people’s journeys. They have a way of bringing God out from the hiding places of our fears, frustrations, and failures.

That right there is the sole reason for this blog. To get someone like me to see that though at times God feels far, He is always interwoven into the fibre of our existence.

I pray that you will stay tuned and turned towards the Master.

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