You unravel me, with a melody…

This morning I was thinking about the song ‘No longer slaves‘ by Bethel and my heart was thoroughly undone. I actually couldn’t get beyond the first line.

I love words, whether in music or poetry or stories. There’s just so much you can make out about a person from how they use their words. I read novels not so much to follow the story (though that is definitely a factor) but mostly because I’m captivated by the author’s choice of words and frankly in awe that they can entice & entertain me using only but their words. This might be part of the reason I value God’s Word because it’s His heart laid bare on those pages.

So, I heard that line and halted on the word, “unravel”. I think of the times that I would be listening to a poem, a song or a sermon and someone will say something that tugs at my heart and changes my life completely. It’s not always something visibly life altering, might just change my thought paradigm or my attitude about something, the point isn’t on the magnitude of the change but on the change itself.

My prayer is that the familiarity of words and their frequent use wouldn’t steal away their meaning. That by the grace of God my heart would always be sensitive to take in a Word and allow it to touch me beyond being intrigued. That my wonder wouldn’t be contingent on what comes across as profound. That I could say God’s word unravels me even when delivered in the most simplistic of ways.

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