I celebrated my birthday yesterday, it was a great day with a great ending. Now its the morning after and I cannot help but contemplate where to from here. A day marked the passing of yet another year, pronouncing yet again that time does not halt in the face of our confusion. I’m a year older and the question still begs an answer, what am I here for? Where in the grand scope of things do I fit?

It’s funny because my automatic response to the probing questions of destiny is writing. I know all too well that I can no longer passively wait for a grand revelation of what to do with what God has given me. I believe with all my heart that I’m meant to share the glorious news of the gospel even as it unfolds in my life every waking day.

Day after day I keep telling myself that I need to say something. I mean I registered a blog, surely I should say something. For the past year, I’ve attempted to populate my journals, Facebook pages and even this blog with professional material but have failed miserably. So now I’ll just write. I’ll start somewhere.

More so to myself than to anyone else I’m stating that my writing on this blog about a God who unveils Himself in the minute details of my life is not due to the fact that I know Him better than anyone else but the realisation that in the wait for perfect knowledge, trained articulation and refined writing skills I have sat stagnant.

Perfection will come but I’m starting. Maybe with time, I’ll know what kind of content to produce and all the other technicalities of blogging but as of this morning, I’m starting.

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