The God in her hug

I heard it said somewhere that ‘the object of your love determines the expression of that love’, I suppose that’s why the concept of love languages is so huge.

For the longest time, I thought, given my affinity for language, that words of affirmation were my love language. This was further affirmed by that I get very vocal about my feelings of love and appreciation for people. The more I’ve examined this, however, the more I’ve realized that physical touch does it for me.

I remember the first 2 years after I gave my life to Christ, my biggest fear at the time was that there was some clause that I missed in this whole salvation thing that basically excluded me. I needed to know that my suspicions weren’t true so I prayed so earnestly for God to give me a hug. I wasn’t particular as to how He went about the task (like He could use another person, give me a feeling of warmth or whatever really) my only specification was that I’d know when it happened. I had no precedence for my request and I honestly never really cared to check the theological quality of my prayer, those were just my terms and conditions, audacious right!

Then about 10 years later, she hugged me!

My first reaction was pure elation that SHE had just hugged ME!  I mean she’s legit one of the coolest people I know with the ability to make you feel like an exquisite painting that commands her attention. She’s a jovial kind of depth, the twinkle in her eyes is as subtle as the moon yet its light is undeniable. Her smile is so bright,  if I could give it some imagery I’d say it’s like the awakening of spring after a long winter night. She has this reserved exuberance or perhaps I could call it a calm confidence that carries so much warmth.

So yes it did cross my mind that my reaction was from the fact that I was already so taken by her.  I had also received hugs before that just emanated affection so it wasn’t that either. I’m only bold enough to say something about that exchange reminded me of a younger tear stained version of myself pleading with God to hug her.

Later that evening I typed a message to her that I had no plans of ever sending. It simply read, “You are my embrace from God, the answer to one of my absurdest prayers.”


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