There’s nothing as time consuming and frankly exhausting as trying to juggle working and studying at the same time. Add more dynamics like being a spouse, a friend or a mother (sorry guys, I’m biased) and you have a boiling plate of mess on your hands. I’m not yet the latter so I admittedly have it easier than other super women doing it all out there.

Meet me…

I’m a 20 something year old full time accountant, just landed a new gig with the start of this month and still playing catchup with my other colleagues.

I’m also a CIMA student, which is basically one of the globally recognised accounting qualifications. Started with the qualification last year (2016). I was exempted for the certificate level, we can call this the intro level. I finished the operational level,  and I’m now tackling the management level. Strides!! For those who have no idea what all of these levels mean, you can get clued up here. To be honest I don’t imagine anyone not interested in pursuing it would be interested in finding out about it, but hey.

I’m somebody’s wife,  got married on the 6th of May (whoop whoop!!).

Add to all that a lousy daughter, sister and friend. Not from a lack of trying but my time has ventured past the line of being thinly stretched.

I’ve had exams go terribly wrong this year and i decided to create an outlet space for all that I learn, more as a way of teaching myself than anything else but if someone else benefits from this then all the more better.

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