Nice to meet you!!

Most things in life are precisely defined and categorized. There are labels for virtually everything. We form opinions about people in the first 10 seconds (hello first impressions). Employers form conclusions on potential employees off a 30 min interview.

We have boxes that we decide encapsulate all there is to know about a person and all we ever get to know is the box and hardly ever the person. Unfortunately, this not only makes it very hard for us to know others but also to truly know ourselves. Personalities are so complex and when certain parts of us don’t fit our boxes it can be so easy to feel out of place and lost.

What do you do when you don’t fit in your box??

We lie in speech and deed to cover up whatever doesn’t fit our desired boxes. Never considering that the same “society” that labels you as weird will be the very same one to call you phony for trying to fit in.

I’ve realized that it’s so easy to attack these preconceptions in others but never address them in ourselves. It’s easy to lash at someone else when you feel they’re limiting your self expression yet never calling yourself out for internalizing society’s judgments.

There is no one phrase I detest like ‘that is so unlike you’. People often say this when they feel you are acting out of character or rather your head is sticking out of the box. I feel it has trapped so many to act in a predictable manner that is deemed appropriate by the masses.

Different isn’t always wrong and wrong isn’t always different. There’s nothing wrong with changing, I would think, with all that is constantly changing around us, it is unnatural to remain unaffected.

Grow, change and be the best version of yourself possible. That is the only way I know to go through life never comparing yourself with others or coveting who they are. Explore the different facets that make you, you and when someone says, “Nice to meet you”, you’ll know it’s genuine cause it’s you they met not your favorite box.

5 thoughts on “Nice to meet you!!

  1. Yep! We all have protective shells that we outgrow and discard. Then like onions, or Russian stack dolls, we discover that there are many shells to outgrow. And like the Velveteen Rabbit we are quite old and threadbare by the time we realize how very much we are loved by the one who is the treasure at the heart of the shells.

    Good post. Well written. On point. Encouraging. Keep on keeping on.

    1. Goodness gracious me!! I can not get over how you write!🙃🙃.

      Thank you so much! There is so much truth in that. I’m learning that there isn’t just one dramatic event when the shedding off happens and growth is realized.

      Our generation is also so blessed to have sign posts of wisdom from those who have done life before us pointing us to the right direction.

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