Love her to health

Sometimes the past will come and knock you off your axis, it will demand your attention and throw a temper tantrum in the grocery store of your relationships.

Maybe no one will understand because this life isn’t yours anymore, that person doesn’t possess your breath anymore. 

You will sing the words, “she is gone, but she used to be mine” without the nostalgia Sara Bareilles intended but with tears and possibly confusion because she was never meant to come back.

Maybe you won’t understand because you’ve been better than her, better than her depression, better than her heartache. Her reappearance will threaten all that you’ve established since her departure, it will even confuse all that you’ve known as truth.

When her skeleton takes residence beneath your skin, do not pronounce yourself to a sentence in solitary confinement. You were never meant to bury her, she was never meant to be your biggest kept secret, hidden in your closet.

You were never meant to detest her flaws or discard her behind as you built anew. You were never meant to build anew.

Her pain taught you how to hold another person’s tears and water the garden of your heart each time you were tempted to wear it hard and feign strength.

When she hands you fragments of her bleeding heart, take all the healing you’ve gathered & wrap it around her trembling fingers. Give her the kind of Love that has the power to mend.

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