I met You there!!

You only need to meet me to know that no matter how you cut it, I’m no saleswoman . So, If you had told me that my first job would be as a sales consultant at a debt counseling firm, i would have never even entertained the conversation.

Yet a couple of months after varsity I found myself doing just that. Four years and student loans later, I was working a job that I hated more with every passing day.

It amazes me how at the feet of desperation, preference bows out and just about anything goes.

To be fair, It didn’t start out that way. Initially that job had felt like a godsend. I’d been job hunting for months to no avail and couldn’t even keep track of the applications I sent out.

Two months into it, I knew it wasn’t my cup of coffee. Yes I changed departments and finally landed a gig in finance but that did little to change my view of the whole ordeal.

By all accounts then, yesterday should have been a good day. My last day should have been nothing but celebration and joy. Yet tears clouded my vision as I embraced someone who had become very dear to me. Though my vision was clouded, my mind couldn’t be any clearer, God blessed me there.

Never have I been so stretched!!

I outgrew my self imposed limitations and learnt so much about work, life and myself. I met ‘me’ there. I met my failures and learnt to push past them, I met my triumphs and learnt to celebrate the small victories, I met the mundane seasons of life and learnt to persevere through them.

I met wonderful people who changed me forever. As though that were not enough, I met my favorite person there. In four months I become his bride and I couldn’t have scripted it better myself.

Most importantly, I met God there. Not on His golden throne with angels singing His praises. He jumped from Bible stories and walked with me. I met Him with feet in the mud, sleeves rolled up, doing life with me. He looked so ordinary, I almost missed Him.

3 thoughts on “I met You there!!

  1. By George you’ve got it!! You may not like selling, but you are awesome at sharing grace!
    Whatever direction your life goes, whatever the challenges, whatever the successes, whatever the human love or hurt…..you will look for God in it. Ahhhh…….you are a sign of hope for the future for this “LOL” (Little Old Lady).

    1. 😊🙃 Thank you so much. It’s not easy for us to know when we’re missing the mark or when we’re still walking in the right direction.

      This was incredibly reassuring!

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