You know what hearts yearn to cry out but minds cannot articulate. 

In the deep recesses of a troubled soul, You hear in the silence and see what’s left hidden.

You understand the emotions behind words and meanings in messages.
You know our secrets, potentials untapped, secret even to us.

Hidden victories revealing past struggles exposing our flawed selves.

You are He who searches hearts and examines their intents.

We can take comfort in that you are all understanding.

 You know our make-up, even when we act contrary to how you made us You see the weed and trace it back to the seed and sower to uproot the implants of the enemy.

Your vision is not only clear in rear view but from times past, you can tell what is yet to come.  In our short vision, we use past and present to forecast the future but your judgments are all encompassing.

You have called us from the end, what we are only starting you have already finished You are my God and there truly isn’t any other like you

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