Hope in the midst of darkness

The day is clouded with grief, the darkness that permeated after He breathed his last, is only getting thicker in their hearts. He had tried to prepare them for this but nothing could have softened the blow of such a loss. They’d left their families, given up their lives & livelihood to follow this Man.

What would they do with those lives now, they’d believed Him to be their long-awaited Messiah & now he laid lifeless in a borrowed tomb. Rome still ruled over them with an iron fist. The earth beneath them still shook, nothing was stable anymore.

The air wreaks of hopelessness & worse than the grief is the shadow of a doubt that now hangs over their heads, was He really who He said He was. Could the Messiah that Daniel prophesied about have died such a gruesome death? Also what about the guilt, they’d left a friend at His darkest hour.

Judas holding in his hands the reality of what he’d thought his soul was worth, turns to death for salvation.

Peter bathing in regret. He knew shame now & wore it tighter than his skin. He would continue living, go back to fishing but how does one go back to such mundanities after being exposed to such an extraordinary way of life.

History has no record of a day worse to befall not only these men but humanity! The one day death laid claim to the giver of life.

That day is so resemblant of giving birth. The mother in excruciating pain, blood gushing out, topped by the screeching screams of a bloodied little creature. Hold that picture in isolation & no one would think the most precious of miracles just occurred.

Look at just that day & you’d conclude God played a cruel joke on these men & women but hold it in perspective & you’ll realize God made Himself the butt of a cruel joke from the hands of men & women to show them a love unparalleled.

We can now celebrate that day because we’ve seen the moving images of history, rather than the snapshot of a present reality.

I’m learning to sit in the darkness, to motion through grief & it’s myriad companions. To walk through the SHADOW of death holding fast to hope cause tomorrow, Jesus will rise triumphantly over death.

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