Childhood, responsibility & the future we aspire to

As children, it is the sole responsibility of our parents/guardians to care for us. To determine the tools needed to equip us for our future. We are at the mercy of their decisions, oblivious to just how pivotal those years are.

I look at myself today and the parts of me that I feel were underdeveloped in my childhood and that brings rise to this eclectic wave of emotions. I understand that ‘people’ responded to the event of my birth and subsequent childhood with as much ability as they could master. Knowing how hard they tried, I wish I could say that was enough.

Though my present is a product of my past and I can look at today’s shortcomings and point a finger at someone/something in my past, it is also a parent to my future and the unfortunate truth is that when I look back then the finger will only be pointed at me.

I am now responsible for my future. Responsibility, now here’s a word that I do not care much for. It places so much weight on one’s shoulders and rids you of whatever reasons you could use to explain less than desirable outcomes.

I could have understandable reasons for mediocrity but the truth is, it’s on me to make sure that the tools I use to further develop myself are good enough. Sadly for those  whose foundations are shaky that might mean starting from scratch. It might mean fighting to become what you should have been equipped for. It might take praying endlessly for the assistance of heaven where others can adequately hold their own. Yes it’s not fair but we now decide how much our tomorrow is worth.

There comes a time when your childhood can no longer excuse you.

I commend all those who have decided they are unsatisfied with their status quo. You might still be at war with your past, maybe you are still trying to figure out how to start fighting for your future, you might have just realized that something needs to change but for the life of you, you don’t know what or how. Wherever you are on this journey, you haven’t settled for what someone else gave you. You are making strides at bettering the odds you were afforded.
The world around you might not see how hard you’re trying or just how difficult it is. You are not alone, there is a God in Heaven who can be touched by the feelings of your infirmity. He sees where your weaknesses threaten to cripple you and He extends His strength to hold you up. The task ahead is daunting but the Maker of the heavens and earth is with you every step of the way.


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