There are good things we are meant to keep forever, some that are ours but for a season and those that were never meant for us to possess.

I do not know what kind you were, only that I wear your love like an old worn out sweater on a cold winter night.

I sit awake at night, remember all that we were, unfurl my fingers & allow it to sashay into a reality where we no longer exist.

I release every sob that still clings to hope, sever the heart strings that still search you out & assure the broken pieces of me that one day they’ll remember what wholeness felt like but today isn’t that day.

Today I will not rob them of their grief, they can lie in their scattered ruins & mourn.

Today I sit with more questions than answers;

Do we really ever let go of those that we have loved?

Is who we are not inseparably interwoven with remnants of who we’ve known them to be?

Does who we are becoming not borrow from the lessons their absence proclaims?

Surely, though there are good things that we ruin and some that ruin us, there are those that neither you, I nor time could strip off their innate qualities.

I don’t not know what kind you are but that on the other side of this heartbreak, I’ll carry memories of you in my smile cause the Source of all that is good about you is strong enough to outlive this brokenness.

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