I’ve had my eyes transfixed on the Son.

Like the sun, he shone with radiance and scorched the tainted parts of me.

I’ve seen Him rise breaking the dawn of a life lived by a corpse.

I’ve watched Him set and settle into my inner most being.

I’ve seen Him cape my existence like a town lit with celestial glory.

As though standing on the Lion’s head, my feet unclogged from my muddy clay,

I’ve seen Divinity determined to distil the devil’s debauchery.

I’ve had my eyes transfixed on the Son.

Somewhere between the pew and the pulpit my vision plummeted and I saw me.

The sight so splendid, I beheld the wonder of His Word take shape yet I shifted and my feet wandered.

The genesis that moment when my gaze relocated from Him to me.

Dethroned Him but for a second and sin took occasion,

Shape shifting between flesh and spirit.

The Word quenched in the world, wounded my spirit and I was blinded.

With broken limbs, I’m hiking up out of this valley, clinging to branches of grace.

Though there be scales thick with doubt clouding my vision, these eyes had seen the Son.

The warmth of His rays, melting my ice capsuled heart.

Stiff neck yielding in submission, bound hands lifting in worship and proud knee bowing in reverence.

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