Eve days & the grace in life lessons

Yesterday i went through an old Facebook account that i deactivated 5 years ago. It was a journey down memory lane that brought back details about the distinct phases i went through. The most prominent being when i decided it was time i took God and the salvation He afforded me just a tad more seriously.

I got to see such contrasting facets of myself and in that moment i was grateful for the grace that empowered me to change the trajectory of my life. I am also grateful for the people who didn’t believe the character i portrayed back when i had no idea who i was.

Today marks the eve of the day i turn a quarter century!

Long days and short years

24 has been an interesting time. Heck i got married!, given the last 24 years, only God could be creative enough to have redeemed the times and given me one of those Cinderella happy endings that no one believes because well let’s be realistic here.

In light of all that reminiscing and fast approaching old age, I wanted to write about 24 things I’ve learnt:

  1. Don’t hold relationships too loosely.
  2. Sometimes the walls misconstrue their purpose and keep you in rather than keep them out, just don’t build them.
  3. You’re not alone, everyone is trying to navigate an unknown future.
  4. In lieu of love, don’t settle for pity.
  5. Hunger & sleep deprivation have never solved anyone’s problems.
  6. Laughter is holy & cathartic, get acquainted. I think it’s anti-aging too, seriously get in there.
  7. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  8. You don’t need permission to be yourself.
  9. Your mouth isn’t a quivering and unstable bucket, don’t apologise for your voice spilling out.
  10. Kindness will only cost you the things you shouldn’t want to keep.
  11. Pride isn’t your ally
  12. Tell that girl you love her shoes
  13. Time & money are both valuable resources, don’t waste time to save money or vice versa. Think of what yields a better return.
  14. Work is work not life, there’s way more to you than your pay cheque
  15. Carry lunch to work, your health & wallet will thank you
  16. There may be as many writers as there are people but only you can write your story, don’t be shy to get it out there.
  17. I wish i had spent less time with my loved ones, said no one ever!
  18. You’re always right, except when you not, which is probably always
  19. You’ll always be awkward and weird where your norm & current environment differ.
  20. It’s okay to feel and express those feelings.
  21. No matter how many times you try convincing yourself, do not go to the cinema after 11pm during the week, you’re either going to sleep there or at work the following day.
  22. Marriage is flipping awesome, here’s to dating your husband!
  23. God speaks,
  24. He’s big enough to handle your humanity.

On the precipice of this new season, I can’t wait to see what God has in store.

25 here i come!!!

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