I wrote this a while back for a project a did with these wildly talented ladies. I haven’t really had the time to write as I would like but I’m hoping that my past work will help nudge me back into it.

I read a book and it planted a seed.
Created a garden right where life had wrought havoc
declaring a drought.
That in the cool of the day in this Eden I could walk with my Savior.
I see them, the fruit of the spirit feeding this malnourished soul.

I read a book and it created a fountain.
Right next to Jacob’s dried up well,
drained by the grievous letter of the law.
Rivers of living waters flowing, quenching the thirst of the multitude in this desert.

I read a book and it spoke life.
Formed sinews to the dry bones trapped in this valley.
As the Great commander of the armies of Israel called forth his soldiers, an army arose,
girded with the whole armor of God bearing the sword of the Spirit.

I read a book and it turned the captivity of my soul.
Now as the pen of a ready writer my mouth shall speak the praises of Him who has saved my sin sick soul

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