Behold this Wonder that is Christ.

I am the God of your forefathers,

The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob

This is my name forever and this shall be my memorial unto all generations

And generations later Jesus stands asserting that I am, He, the very same that I declared from the beginning.

Now, if by the power of his word he sustains the universe then it’s no wonder, that when the Son of Man spoke as the Son of God balance suddendly recognized its master and like the philistine god, dagon, it bowed in reverence leaving the soldiers unattended.

Behold this wonder that is Christ!

I wonder what John saw as he cried behold the Lamb of God

With nothing worth giving as the ram in the bush for Abraham he is my sacrifice, with non-more holy than He to present it he is my high priest forever. With no one else deserving of it, He is the God who receives it

Him sprinkling his own blood on the mercy seat now come I boldly before His throne of grace, no but get this, I take from what’s his present it back to him and I’m the one who’s found acceptable.

Will you not behold this wonder that is Christ?

My very birth was in sin and iniquity the core element that shaped me; He is light and in him is no darkness at all, yet he became sin, God; His Glory concealed in dust so hidden that we mistook him for a prophet, God; the infinitely eternal confined by the bounds of time. Giving up his throne for them that deny his divinity. He has the wisdom to use mercy to establish justice and subdue life under death so as to use death to bring forth Life.

Behold with me this wonder that is Christ.

The monumental model for mankind to murder mediocrity.

The immaculate illustration of impeccable love to insulate us from insidious insecurities.

He obliterates obscure occulted observations to officially offer us the opportunity to overcome the offender.

He is pure revelation reversing the rewards of rebellion rousing a revolution reflecting righteousness.

The recipient of reproach to redeem the remnant.

Behold this wonder that is Christ


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