Sometimes I forget how hard it is to forget. To let my mind be the grave that buries even beautiful memories. I forgot to write our obituary, even as I mourn, borrowing pictures from yesterday’s time to create illusions that we never died. My mind believing but my heart denying that we too have become like the war heroes of old, existant only in stories told. Let not time unfold, as history fades away bearing no relevance in today. My heart beating like a stuttering tongue, as all that we once were embraces obscurity. Remind me to to forget, as my tears like a heavyRead More →

At the brink of a new season. Spring and winter in a tug of war over the inevitable. Complaisance with norms resisting change. Winter holding tight to its familiar position as spring fights for the shift to its horizon. Confusion settling, as time and purpose await none. The past and the future coexisting in the present. Its all clear to every observer that winter should give way and fade away with its remnants as spring commands the day with the light of its rising sun. There’s a wisdom gained by being a bystander. I wonder if they would both not benefit from its teachings ifRead More →